Iodine - An Overview & The Benefits

Your bodily functions depend on iodine to function. Mainly, it's your immune system, cardiovascular system, and metabolism that need iodine to perform. Iodine is the foundation of thyroid hormone production along with many other functions. Insufficient iodine intake can cause one to suffer from a lack of energy, cognitive impairment, an irregular metabolism, temperature changes, and many other symptoms.

Some History of Iodine
In the 1920s, the U.S. started to add iodine to table salt as a solution to the many Americans who suffered from thyroid diseases due to iodine deficiency. A lot of people will get their iodine from table salt, but it is not enough. That is why most people are still iodine deficient. Although, it did help with the goiter epidemic. Potassium and sodium act as carriers for iodine, since iodine in its natural state is dangerous for the human body to absorb. Combining iodine with either potassium or sodium makes a more stable form that can be absorbed.

So How Do You Get Iodine?
Besides the tiny amount you can get from table salt, iodine can come in tablet forms like gel caps, pellets, and pills. Most of these pills are made up of dried kelp. On a molecular level, tablets are made up of potassium iodine and sodium iodine. They are absorbed into the thyroid a lot slower than into the breast tissue. You can also get iodine naturally through seaweed, cod, shrimp, tuna, eggs, prunes and dairy products. Iodine can also be used as an external medicine to heal and disinfect the wound quickly. Since it is milder than alcohol, it is a lot more useful as a disinfectant without the stinging sensation that comes with alcohol.

Benefits of Iodine
Iodine is necessary for metabolism and thyroid function because it helps break down food into nutrients, acting as fuel for the thyroid gland. Good thyroid health will help keep your heart rate, temperatures, digestion, and weight regulated. In order for hormones to be created, they need iodine. Iodine also improves brain function, is a powerful anti-antioxidant, and even provides anti-inflammatory properties.
Iodine can also help with reproductive health by acting as a fuel for reproductive glands. Getting enough iodine in your diet can help prevent fibrocystic breast disease, cysts, vaginitis, polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as ovarian and breast cancer.
Iodine will help prevent hair loss, will maintain stronger teeth and bones. Iodine is the key to calcium absorption, which is needed for healthier healthy bones.
Iodine is a great mood stabilizer. High and low levels can impact the brain in different ways. With low levels of iodine, you will start to see symptoms like swelling, dry or flaky skin, hair loss, fluctuating body temperatures, and heart rates, and also bad memory. Regular, healthy levels of iodine will show long-term benefits and prevention of the symptoms of low levels of iodine.

Iodine Poisoning
You should never take iodine solution or tablets without consulting a physician beforehand.

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