100ml ULTRAPURE COLLOIDAL SILVER 30 PPM Antiviral, Antibacterial, - Normal Cap

100ml ULTRAPURE COLLOIDAL SILVER 30 PPM Antiviral, Antibacterial, - Normal Cap

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Silver has been used all over the world for many centuries. In ancient times, a silver coin was placed in the milk jar to stop the milk from spoiling. Today, it is used by NASA and Airline Companies in their Air Filtration Systems to filter out germs and other contaminants from the air!

Our Colloidal Silver contains only pure distilled water and highly charged micron sized particles of Colloidal Silver held in suspension within a liquid crystal matrix, this allows our Silver to be stored without the use of any preservatives. Unlike other Colloidal Silvers on the market that require chemicals to enhance their shelf life, our Colloidal Silver is a pure, all natural mineral supplement.

Our Colloidal Silver is a highly effective antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic and can also be applied onto the skin.

Ultrapure Silver is the highest quality available on the market today!



Ultrapure colloidal silver is produced by placing filtered distilled water through a Vortex which has a strong magnetic field passed through it, this allows for the water to become ‘structured’, which causes micro liquid crystal chains to be formed in the water, this allows the particles of Colloidal Silver to be held in ‘suspension’ within the water. This allows for storage of our Ultrapure Silver without the use of preservatives, unlike other suppliers who use chemicals for this! After which, Micron sized particles of pure silver are diffused into the water using Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis.


Contains no artificial ingredients, no solvents, preservatives or additives.


Ingredients: Pure Filtered Distilled Water, Micron Sized Silver Particles


Directions: Take ½ teaspoon up to twice daily, using a plastic spoon, preferably between meals. Best taken alone but may be mixed with water or juice.



STORAGE: Store in a cool dark place, not the refrigerator.



Please consult with your physician if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any medical condition before using this product.